Hi, I am

Zuza Ritt

Creator of virtual things, places, stories and no-things.

I am a digital designer, artist, storyteller and machinima maker. I create stories, experiences and content for virtual worlds.

In a hurry? See my digital storytelling showreel and 3D models portfolio.

Machinima - short films made in virtual worlds

Eine Kleine Baker Street

What happens at 221B Baker Street when nobody is watching?
Digital Sherlock blog - photos and BTS information
Recognized by BBC Worldwide at their Sherlock Twitter and Sherlock Facebook accounts


Once upon a time there was a picture of the skull on the wall. They said it was the 3D skull. And they were right.
Second episode of Digital Sherlock.


YourFry project challenged people to use technology to develop the stories in Stephen Fry’s autobiographies More Fool Me and The Fry Chronicles in new ways. My interpretation at YourFry project webpage and story description:
Reading a book means to me a new landscape, new street, new building, new person... All of them are in my head. It is my very private cinema, figments of my imagination. It is hard to share them with somebody else. But living in digital era gives me options and tools to try it.
I can share my interpretation in machinima and my dreamscapes in virtual world.
My project is virtual place - landscapes, interior and avatar used in video. My filming locations are running on OpenSimulator, multiplatform open source environment, which can be used to create a virtual world. You can create your own private world at your home computer. You can create virtual world for your friends or join any publicly accessible OpenSim virtual world and let people use and enjoy your creations.
You can visit my virtual world, walk these sweet landscapes and become that boy. Or a girl:)

The whole environment is created by me from scratch - trees, landscapes, sweets, avatar, most of animations. Story, camera and editing also by me.

My second video - Behind the Scenes of Fry's Toothsome Delight:

Don't you understand English well? See the transcript of audio.

How to reach the YourFry set for Hypergrid or Kitely users:
21strom Kitely world page.
There are teleport boards to YourFry film set at landing point.

How to reach the virtual world for newcomers:
- Sing Up at virtual world Kitely web with email, Facebook or Twitter account.
- Download and install Singularity Viewer.
- Open Singularity. At bottom choose Grid: Kitely, insert your avatar name into "Name or Username" as "FirstName LastName" with space between names.
- Change Start location to "21strom" - you need to type this name.
- Click on Log In.
- When you reach the virtual world, find the boards with YouFry description and click on it.
- If this is your first time in virtual worlds, start with Outdoor film set, you will find there some basic instructions for newcomers.

Flickr photoalbum of virtual world film set.

Story of the Linden Tree DJ Stage

I created the story and world of the big linden tree for SL13B, 13th birthday celebration of Second Life.
There was the full region - 256x256 meters with huge tree in the middle and two landscapes, one real and one virtual. See main story, the idea of our connection and the whole 3D environment in main video, first sneak peak video, or short "blowing the cake" machinima.
My Flickr photoalbum of SL13B.

Kitely Hypergrid Merchant Fair video

Video of hypergrid event at Kitely virtual world at fall 2015.

Virtual worlds - current educational projects

Czech for Foreigners

3D virtual environment made for 3D virtual learning project of Department of Czech Language and Literature, Faculty of Education, Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic.
Create friendly environment, typical Czech place, with situations for communication excersices - basic simple situations. Students are very beginners in Czech language, about A1 level according to CEFR.
My work:
I created the Czech city, containing central square with some real Czech historical buildings (Prague astronomical clock, historical buildings in central square in Český Krumlov,...) Parts of town are designed as places for conversation – hospital, post office, pub, bus station, traffic accident site. There are free avatar outfits for teachers and students, full instructions in both Czech and English languages, Czech sample conversation for each place in virtual world.
There are also detailed step by step tutorials for very beginners in virtual worlds, covering registration, installing and setting software and first steps in virtual world.

Log in to virtual world Kitely and explore the Czech virtual town.
Read tutorials how to use virtual worlds in Czech and English.

Other projects

I am a creator of several virtual university campuses, I am participating in couple workshop programs for university students as IT specialist and external lecturer. Current projects contain connection of virtual world and 3D web apps as a innovative educational environment for language studies.
For older projects see hypergrid.cz and digitalstudents.cz
I am an editor and co-founder of virtual worlds community web and wikipedia for Czech and Slovak users VirtualWiki, I published about 400 articles about virtual worlds between 2007 and 2016, some of them are republished now. Also running Czech web about OpenSim virtual world Kitely (former Kitely.cz).
I am a creator of landscapes and environments at 21strom. I am offering my content at Kitely Market for all OpenSim virtual worlds and at SL Marketplace for Second Life.
Some of my stories in both more Czech and less English, are available sometimes somewhere.
Interview with Steve Lawes, translated into Czech by me. Rozhovor se Stevem Lawesem, kameramanem, který natočil 5 z 10 epizod seriálu Sherlock.
I am giving free public lectures on various virtual worlds and computer skills in virtual worlds occasionally, some of them are archived and can be found at my Youtube.
Listen my podcasts about virtual worlds topics. (Czech only for now). Podcast are available at iTunes, for Android use FM player app.

How to reach me online

@zuzaritt | Flickr